About Us

Dancing is unlike any other form of expression. Your body and mind become one through the music and you can express yourself freely. That is the beauty of dancing. Oui Dance 2 Dance Company wants to share this awesome form of expression with everybody. Specifically Latin Dancing. Oui Dance 2 offers affordable prices for anyone to set up a foundation for becoming fluent in Latin dancing.

Oui Dance 2 has been teaching Latin Dance in the Charleston area for over 8 years. Calvin King, the founder of the company, has been dancing for over 40 years. The Oui Dance 2 name is a play on words using the french Oui, meaning yes, pronounced we. The number 2 is used to describe 2 people dancing. It is significant because of the time parnter dancing had gone into decline. Now it is more alive than ever and we will strive to spread the joy of partner dancing with everyone.