Student Guidelines

Oui Dance 2 created these guidelines in order to ensure a great experience for those who attend our classes and events. If you have any questions or concerns with these guidelines speak with one of our instructors or staff. You can also reach us by email at We are more than willing to work with any issues you might have but the key is to communicate.


Please be on time to classes. A student who enters class late interrupts the class as well as the lesson plan. We understand you all have jobs and lives. We are asking that you try to be considerate of our instructors and students who do show up on time.


Payments are to be made in full before the class starts. Students who do enter the class late should take care of a payment before entering the class.


We do not offer refunds with any of our classes. This includes our prepaid 4-week courses. We also do not issue make-up classes.

Classroom Etiquette

When an instructor is addressing the class it is important that students pay attention. A student that is paying attention is NOT:

  • Interrupting the instructor
    • There is a time for questions. When the instructor is addressing the class is not one of them. Kindly let the instructor know if you have a question and he/she will address it.
  • Talking to another student
    • Dance class is a very fun social activity. Instructors will give students “free time” to practice at their own pace. Use this time to talk to your partners.
  • Practicing dance moves
    • We all want to master that next dance move. However, using your partner to do this while an instructor is teaching is selfish. Your partner misses out on guidance from the instructor and other students become distracted. Furthermore, it slows down the class and we might not make it to the last move in the lesson plan. Please refrain from trying your dance moves until it an acceptable time to do so.

We primarily teach adults. Instructors will address these issues within a class. We would hate to have to ask a student to leave a class because they cannot abide by these guidelines.